Fulford repost, February 4, 2014: "Expect the fireworks to begin after the Lunar New Year’s celebrations end"

It seems that things are really getting more serious for the cabal.
It seems that it is the first time Fulford uses the expression "fireworks", an expression that Drake used to use a lot back in July 2012.
As you know Drake's announcements were not fulfilled.

"The Lunar New Year’s holidays have begun and our sources say we can 
expect fireworks to start in the week starting on February 10th (If you 
are of the school that believes Monday is the first day of the week)"

I do feel that very soon, around the end of Feb, begining of March, by March 11th 2014, there is gonna be an Event, of the same magnitude as Fukushima 3-11 but this time it would not generate physical damages, it will be a huge political change, or some mass arrest or the inception of the new financial system, somehow.
I got this feeling by intuition two weeks ago when a fire alarm bell rang in my apartment building, reminding me of the quake alert bell ringing in the same apart building three years ago, back in January 2011, a few weeks before 311...

Take a look at below, a repost of the latest English blog post by Fulford, that you can find here.

 photo image001_zps93c8145d.jpgThe Lunar New Year’s holidays have begun and our sources say we can 
expect fireworks to start in the week starting on February 10th (If you 
are of the school that believes Monday is the first day of the week). In
essence, the new Chinese government recognizes they have created a real
estate bubble and have decided to take it down once the New Year’s work
starts in earnest. This will have a ripple effect worldwide, especially
on commodities markets that have grown dependent on Chinese demand.
Weather warfare is also continuing with the ongoing cold front in the
US and the drought in California devastating US food supplies and 
bringing the US cattle herd down to its lowest size in 60 years.
Australia’s cattle herd is also being devastated by a drought and a 
newsletter reader managed to find proof of HAARP weather modification 
weaponry being used against Australia. 
There is also a lot of fighting going on under the surface in the 
banking world and it is connected to a concerted attack against J.P. 
Morgan, Skull and Bones and the Bush (Scherf, Pierce, Pecce) family. The
mysterious deaths of three bankers last week were all connected to this
battle, according to MI5 and other sources.
Gabriel Magee, the J.P. Morgan banker who died in London was an IT 
specialist dealing with Europe, the Middle East and Africa including 
Saudi Arabia. He worked on a market ‘predicive’ program which spots 
market movements. These are the closest to AI and generate huge profits.
UK investigators suspect he was killed to silence him after he spotted 
and was about to blow the whistle on huge dollar transfers being made 
out of the BRICS countries.
William Broeksmit, the Deutschebank banker died after Deutschebank pulled out of
the Gold price fixing committee and removed its gold from Paris. 
Investigators believe the banker was killed because Deutschebank ran for
the exits and stopped helping J.P. Morgan in the gold market. J.P. 
Morgan now owns 60% of all gold derivatives in the US meaning it owns 65
times more paper gold than it has physical gold. The Dragon Family and 
others are demanding that J.P. Morgan hand over physical gold.
Which brings us to the third death, that of former Federal Reserve 
Board economist Michael Dueker, who was working for an outfit known as 
Russell Investments. Although we are still trying to confirm this, it is
likely that Russell Investments is linked to the Russell Trust that 
controls Skull and Bones and the Council on Foreign Relations. Dueker 
may have been silenced because he was about to blow the whistle on the 
looting of pension and insurance funds by the Feds.
Also last week, a Saudi Prince contacted the White Dragon Foundation 
to ask about the availability of Chinese gold backed historical bonds.
Remember that the January 31st settlements date came last week and if
any major bank (J.P. Morgan?) was unable to deliver physical gold or 
make other payments, they will have been given until around mid-February
to come up with it before they are liquidated. Remember how US Treasure
Secretary Jacob Lew recently warned the US government would run out of 
money on February 7th and could use tricks to keep it going for a few 
days beyond that?
What you can be sure of is that there is going to be some serious 
horse trading going on behind the scenes between now and mid-February.
There are also growing indications that along with the efforts to 
force the Feds bankrupt by demanding physical gold there is a move to 
cut off their oil and drug money too.
On the oil front especially there is a lot going on. The biggest 
development was the defeat of the Rockefeller Brothers attempt to use 
environmental concerns to prevent construction of the Keystone pipeline 
that would send Canadian oil to refineries in the Gulf of Mexico. What 
this means is that a lot less of what Americans pay for gasoline will be
recycled to cabal controlled Fed banks via Middle-Eastern slave states.
These Middle Eastern states are also showing signs of independence 
from Fed control. The Saudi Arabian government, for example, refused to 
meet with a congressional delegation that included representatives of 
the Homeland Security, Armed Forces and Intelligence committees. In 
diplomatic circles this sort of snub is about as nasty as it gets.
Saudi anger was no doubt stoked because President Erdogan of Turkey 
visited Iran last week and both countries announced they would start to 
integrate their economies and governments at a much higher level than 
before. This is connected to the plan to make Europe buy gas from Iran 
and Russia instead of from cabal controlled Gulf monarchies like Saudi 
Again that may be another reason why the Saudis are now trying to 
reach a deal with the WDS. They have been told to cut their links with 
the war-mongering cabalists and support a massive campaign to end 
poverty and stop environmental destruction.
The government of Nigeria also announced last week that it was going 
to start shifting its oil money out of Federal Reserve Board dollars and
into Chinese Yuan.
The loss of oil revenue to the cabalists is being accompanied by a growing loss of their other big source of income: drug money.
The move to legalize marijuana (France, Mexico, New York etc. are 
jumping on the bandwagon), and thus end the cabal marijuana monopoly, is
snowballing. The Mexican government’s approval of citizens’ militias to
fight against cabal faction CIA drug dealers in Mexico will start 
hitting their cocaine revenues too. Also, the North Korean Kim Jong-un 
government has shut down all of its amphetamines factories, shutting off
a major source of Bush/Nazi underground money in Asia, North Korean 
sources say. Let us see if they will also soon be deprived of Afghan 
heroin revenue.
The P2 Lodge also contacted the WDS last week to reveal the names of 
several more hitherto secret power brokers who have been blocking the 
new financial system. These are Franco Rienzi (Mossad Spy), Giuseppe di 
Antonio (Mossad Rome), Lemue dico Mannucci (Banker), a Mafia laywer by 
the name of Mastroianni and Anglican Pastor Mossad agent Claudio 
Zappala. This writer was unable to reach these people to get their 
comment but they are welcome to contact us if they feel wrongly named.
The P2 says they are also trying to broker a deal between the 
Russians, the Chinese and the Americans to form a world federation type 
of government. They say they would invite other groups to join once 
these three had come to a basic understanding. They say this planned 
federation of equals would not be the same as the fascist New World 
Order the cabal has been trying to set up. 


What do you guys think?
I think this is very promising.
Note at the same time that Fulford mentions that the Chinese will stop the real estate buble in China with the following consequences:

"This will have a ripple effect worldwide, especially
on commodities markets that have grown dependent on Chinese demand."

He does not mention bitcoin or the other crypto-currencies, the so-called currencies that are generated by computers.
Do not forget that they are polymorphic instruments and they can be seen as commodities as well.
I predict there will be a huge spike in their price as people will rush to them when fiat currencies will have to face the bubble burst or any other fiancial regime change of the same magnitude.